Beyond the Medina

There is life beyond the medina. Even if the Old City of Fez remains a magnet for cultivated travellers in search of Gnaoua immersions, amazing historical sights and the finest gastronomy in Morocco, its a proven fact that the new part of Fez can offer some entertainment too. New places about to open include the never ending Andalous Fez in route d'Immouzzer and the only truly Italian restaurant to be open soon called simply "L'Italian" in the Champs de Course neighbourhood, belonging to the young group of enterpreneurs F&Be, which will soon become the official pizza supplier of Gatsby. And that's precisely where the man himself, un uomo tra due mondi, has recently established his general quarters, and like Nero when was showed his lavish new palace he also thought 'I'm finally lodged as a man'.
The house has lovely windows overlooking a garden that comes with its own palms, lemon and orange trees, has plenty of space and Gatsby is already thinking in hosting one party or two. Who knows, if you are well connected you may even be invited.

How to Start a Year

Our friends from FezLounge decided to organise a private party to celebrate the incoming New Year, and was simply a huge success. Plenty of well known faces from the medina such as Jennifer from Dar Roumana, Kleo from Dar Attajali, Anthony Kwan and his lovely wife representing Dar el Hana, Alvaro the medina earthquake who is about to open the first truly italian restaurant in the Fez New Town, the successful publisher Andrew Morris who published: 'Clock Book: Recipes from a Modern Moroccan Kitchen', Dominick Nisbett from all over the world, Robyn Kerryson UN envoy flew in from Afganistan specially for the occassion and many many other. And of course Gatsby himself, delivering the best of his dancing moves. Food, liquid and music made the perfect combination and fueled the party up till 2 in the morning, which in the medina is quite a record.
Happy New Year to everyone in the medina and ailleurs. And if you still havent visited Fez, maybe this could be the best year to make it.

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