Marjane My Love, Fez Supermarket

As anyone living in the lovely Medina of Fez knows, the street markets and the grocery shops can provide you with pretty much everything you can dream of, including the best truly organic vegetables and fruits. But once in a while is good going back to our roots and experience once again the western way of shop. Is not unusual that Gatsby runs out of Gin in the middle of the week, or that suddenly he has an irresistible whim for oysters. In those cases you run to Marjane. At a merely 5 km from the medina, just opposite the Zalagh Parc Palace Hotel, and exactly at 14 dirhams from Ain Azliten, you'll find this huge supermarket -the first chain in Morocco- where you'll be able to find everything from bread to towels, from flat plasma screens to beers and spirits. Cleaning products, socks, cheese, ham, scooters, medicines...the list is almost never ending in its 6500 sqm. The fish is freshly delivered twice a week and the bakery has specially good cakes.
As a foreigner, we all had the same thought the very first time we stept in: 'I CAN live in Fez'.
And even now, years after our first 'affaire', our love story with Marjane continues, and I'm already thinking in my date with her on Monday, as usual.
Gatsby says let's play one game, is called: 'which photo was taken in Fez?'

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