Selling Your Girlfriend in Fez

After receiving countless letters on the topic "How much can I get for my girlfriend in Fez" I have decided to drop a few lines giving my opinion and a piece of advice based on my own experience.
We don't live in a perfect world, and there are many westerners that pretending to spend a few days in Morocco want to take advantage of the commercial spirit that still today burns in the city of Fes, and try to make a profit selling their annoying girlfriend/spouse or even their daughter. I know it may not even be their fault, for such is the big crisis in Europe and, alas, there is little good we can look forward to.

Gatsby strongly advises not to be carried away with the prospect of amazing offers, since the reality of the matter is that camels are a complicated currency to keep in your Ryanair luggage allowance.
But Gatsby himself is only a man, and there was a time he was indeed in need of money; so taking advantage of a russian friend visiting the city, he took her to a bazaar to look at the most beautiful rugs. The vendor took Gatsby aside:

- I will give you 5000 camels for your girlfriend. -he said-
- It is not my girlfriend -Gatsby answered-
- Then I give you 3000 camels.

So one important lesson in order to get a good price is to always pretend to be close family.
Gatsby accepted:

- OK, 3000 camels and is yours.
- Well...I don't have the camels right now...would you take sheep and some chickens instead?

Realising how unglamorous the whole trading was becoming, Gatsby declined the offer and left at once with his friend, and not even the last offer was tempting for him:

- And what about some carpets?
- Do I look like Aladdin?

Since then Gatsby has refused to sell any of his beautiful friends coming to discover the magical city of Fez, and focused on selling the ugly ones for basics like bread or milk. And with the voice of experience he can tell you that the business is over, and if the purpose of your travel to Fez is selling your partner, you should better buy yourself a ticket for Saudi Arabia, where apparently they pay in gold.

But if after all this you are still  thinking of going ahead, bear in mind the true story of a man that agreed to sell his 47 year old wife for 1000 camels. He gave the woman away and he took a loaded luggage as payment. When he opened the bag once in Madrid, all he found was 50 packets of Camel without filter...and sure he was sad for a short while, but he soon looked at the positive side: he could now go back to watch soccer on TV and smoke like a real man.

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