A Traditional Moroccan Wedding

When staying in Morocco one of the best experiences you will ever have is going to a real traditional wedding. Your favourite paparazzo Gatsby was invited to the most glittering wedding of the season. Names he cannot say but all the gotha of Fez and some of the most well known faces of Morocco gathered to cherish the adorable couple. But no matter if the wedding is rich or modest, the amazing musics and all the codified rituals is pretty much the same in every kind of party. You may well ask: how do you fuel a Moroccan Wedding without alcohol for 9 hours? The answer is simple: with ananas and kiwi juice, plus a backcar packed with rum, vodka and light Rose wine...and then one of Gatsby's friends was kind enough to bring a flask from Madrid that provided so much happiness under the table...In any case the food was a total bless of m'choui lamb followed with three other main dishes. And then dance, dance and dance, a lot of clapping your hands following the drum rythms...and Gatsby was on top of the table with the newly wed bride...
Tradition obliged us to go to the very door of the bedroom with the happy couple and have a last drink inside...which we enthusiastically agreed and then graciously retire...for after all we are not redtube.com.

New Club-Bar in Fez

Who said that Fez had no nightlife? Your favourite paparazzo Gatsby was invited to an extremely fun and glamorous night at a new Fez venue called ÔClub Fez. The place is located right in the Domaine Equestre off Route D'Immouzzer, which means that you can ride horses and be wasted at the same time, something completely new in Fez. On the table there were several bottles including a giant Belvedere Vodka and an astonishing Mathusalem of Moët Chandon containing around 6 litres of tears of God that Gatsby drank at ease. At some point one beautiful go-go (was it a stripper?) came to dance on top of our table and we all wondered if we were in St Tropez's Le Cave du Roi. The place is frequented by the golden young crowd from the New Town, boys and girls alike, and it's a good option to have a drink after dinner, before they pump up the volume too much.

Sacred Music Highlight, Epi

The last Fez Sacred Music festival has been a turmoil in every sense of the word; there was confusion, there was emotion, tears of joy and tears of humiliation, sometimes thanks to the performers, others being the fault of the organisation.
So one more year Gatsby was begged and bribed to go to see some of the shows, so he wore some of his Gucci shoes, instead of the common flip-flops tourists seem to get for free with their flight tickets, and got to work. The most remarkable soirée was the so called 'Night of the Medina', with several concerts going on at the same time, so even if you bought the ticked you were forced to miss several concerts: a touch of genius. Gastby attended a very special concert in Dar Adyel: mongolian performer and showman Epi was definitely a revelation that night. Dressed in typical mongolian furs and hat -and the temperature was probably around 30 C- Epi played his guitar with spirit and sung with magical voices, sometimes with a very high pitch, others with a very low one, creating a truly amazing atmosphere. Inspired in ancient buddhist and shaman traditions this kind of music believes that each and every object has a soul, and Gatsby can declare that everything surrounding the scenario came to life that evening, as a matter of fact he could almost swear that an electric toothbrush was hiding somewhere and producing those enchanted sounds...Epi is a new favourite of Gatsby.

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