Sacred Music Highlight, Epi

The last Fez Sacred Music festival has been a turmoil in every sense of the word; there was confusion, there was emotion, tears of joy and tears of humiliation, sometimes thanks to the performers, others being the fault of the organisation.
So one more year Gatsby was begged and bribed to go to see some of the shows, so he wore some of his Gucci shoes, instead of the common flip-flops tourists seem to get for free with their flight tickets, and got to work. The most remarkable soirée was the so called 'Night of the Medina', with several concerts going on at the same time, so even if you bought the ticked you were forced to miss several concerts: a touch of genius. Gastby attended a very special concert in Dar Adyel: mongolian performer and showman Epi was definitely a revelation that night. Dressed in typical mongolian furs and hat -and the temperature was probably around 30 C- Epi played his guitar with spirit and sung with magical voices, sometimes with a very high pitch, others with a very low one, creating a truly amazing atmosphere. Inspired in ancient buddhist and shaman traditions this kind of music believes that each and every object has a soul, and Gatsby can declare that everything surrounding the scenario came to life that evening, as a matter of fact he could almost swear that an electric toothbrush was hiding somewhere and producing those enchanted sounds...Epi is a new favourite of Gatsby.

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