First Sex-Shop to Open in Fez?

Well, unfortunately the answer is: not yet. It has not been progressive Morocco but the tiny Kingdom of Bahrain that has opened the first Sex-Shop in a Muslim country. Furthermore, the proud owner is a practising muslim woman, Dar Khadija, and declares: 'Nothing in Islam forbids sexual pleasure. Ask that question to any devout Muslim and he will not tell you otherwise', and she insist that 'The feedback from the clientele has been good. One of my customers told me that I saved his marriage, just as he was about to get divorced'. The shop has had an incredible success, and even neighbours from strict Saudi Arabia drive happily about 20 miles to go there and purchase some items to enjoy back home in its (in)famous not so-muslim indoor parties. Sexy underwear, stimulant jelly, dildos, adult board games and much more is on sell to spice up the life of a married couple. Gatsby, who has seen in all in this life and even partly in the next one is very happy with the initiative, and he has no doubts something similar would be more than welcomed in Morocco, where women take legendary care of themselves and their men and rank amongst the first buyers of luxury underwear in the world.

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