The Fez Monopoly

Gatsby, the master of all games and one of the best references when speaking of having fun, is offering you the printable version of the one and only Fez Monopoly, to fully enjoy with your moroccan and expatriate friends alike.
Inspired by the real life transactions that have been taking place in the Fez Medina for quite a long time, pumping up the prices and making it one of the most sought-after investment places in Morocco, this new Monopoly offers you the possibility of finally buy that property you always dreamed of...and finally was impossible to buy due to the 2.000 heirs involved in the process.
The Monopoly of Fez is played with dollars because is simply the most loved currency all over the world, and Fes has buyers from all over the world. Most of the rules stay the same as in the classic game, except fo the 'Go to Jail' card: in here you have the option of bribing the police. Of course when you own all the properties of the same colour you can start building a house; it will take you another 25 rounds to finish your house, but when you do it, after three houses you can have finally a Riad. The worst Chance card is 'The Wilaya asks you to build a second staircase and a fire exit in all your houses', but dont worry, if you're lucky enough you may have the best Community Chest card: 'The Pacha is your friend, use this card for pretty much anything'.

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