Airbnb has changed the way we all travel and look at the world, and a whole ecosystem of startups is surrounding the flat renting giant platform.

Cheerbnb is a spainsh startup that manages the flats of hundreds of busy home owners offering all kind of professional hospitality services like checkin, checkout, handling the keys, cleaning after the guests are gone and general maintenance including reparations and professional photography. 
We have not seen anything like that yet in Morocco, but its a good idea to implement in a successful market like Fes where a lot of the owners may live abroad in France, Uk, Germany or Allah knows where.

You can have a look at their website and get inspired, for sure this kind of service will help out more than one busy owner in the medina of Fez.

Gestión integral de pisos turísticos en Madrid y Barcelona

Click HERE to see the Fez Video
Video Production services just got upgraded in Morocco thanks to the leading events agency Best Agence. With the help of a spanish team from Barcelona they are now offering professional film services for advertising, corporate, and any kind of business wanting to improve their image and their presence online through beautiful and functional videos. The new brand is called Media Content Production and has its office in Casablanca in the prestigious Boulevard Zerktouni. The team behind it has more than ten years experience and the clients portfolio speaks loud about their quality and reliability: Mango, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Gottex, Mala mujer amongst others.

Beautiful fashion films
They take charge of the whole process: pre-production, production and post-production and editing. Recently they had a fun film production for a spanish fashion brand in our dear Fes medina, the whole tanneries where privatised for the special shooting...the results were great but...not sure the model liked it !
In any case we wish Media Content Production best of luck and we strongly reccomend their services to all our readers, maybe its about time to create a beautiful video for that lovely riad of yours :)
265, Bd Zerktouni, Etage 9
tel. 0522.272.889
Calle Madrazo, 47 Entlo.
tel. +34936760950

Long time Fes resident artist and writer Alessandro Ferrando is publishing a book with much of its material composed in our delightful little city, famous for having inspired many other authors including superstar Paul Bowles and Sandy Mccutcheon. 
De Cama en Cama: 32 Poemas de Amor y 5 Cuentos Urbanos (Tranquilo Books, 2015), means literally, "From Bed to Bed: 32 Love Poems and 5 Urban Tales; for now is just available in spanish, his mother tongue, but he promises that he's already working on an english translation. We asked him about the title, and it's not exactly what we were thinking. Alessandro kindly answered our question: "It's not about sex, not at all, From Bed to Bed wants to be the kind of story that goes around from mouth to mouth, that enters the popular imaginary, a bit like the childhood tales that our parents told us when we were little...only that this one is mainly for adults". His voice is dark and sultry, with tragic hints and impossible romances, with complex characters that we are forced to hate: the prostitute, the criminal, the thief, the serial lover, but for some reason we end up ,if not loving, at least understanding that, like many of us, they simply could not escape their own fate.

As a gift he agreed to translate one of the poems just for us:

You Have Been Drinking

You've been drinking all night that kind of Japanese liquor that you like

Recalling words as warm as the fire that moves on your left

And that more than once hurt you …

Your smile seemed indelible , however, now that no longer exists

one can still read between the cracks of your lips

the words "youth" and "arrogance" that accompanied you for so many years

and that you printed on the mouth of each of your lovers

perhaps unaware that it was your own being which diluted in their saliva.

You have been drinking the whole night

and now you hum softly that melody that enchanted all your lovers when they listened to it under the sheets

And it sounds like the grand anthem of a long-gone country.

You've been drinking all night

leaving your glass on top of that book of Cavafy whose beauty someone taught you

And which you said not so long ago that it would be the basis of your life...

You've been drinking all night

Since you wanted to become self-sufficient;

I see from afar how you can't get up from the chair

I thought a thousand times in coming closer and tell you something

and now I believe that it should take you home and make you lie down ...

But I know that there is a special glow in your eyes that I cannot see

and that  would force me to stay  next to the body I once loved.

Are you organising an important event and you dont want to leave anything to chance? We might just have the contact you need. Best Agence, a relatively new 'Agence de evenements' in Morocco have their main agency in Casablanca, but they happen to have an impressive selection of high quality personnel in every important city in Morocco: Casablanca, Marrakech, Tanger, Rabat...including of course our beloved Fez. The directors have an international background and work with high standarts of quality, and have already helped the International Fes Festival of Sacred Music, and prestigious venues like our favourite Italian Restaurant L'Italien, the always in fashion La Mezzanine and also cute-deep-in-the-medina Fez Lounge. Models for catwalks and shootings, hostesses for exhibitions or commercial promotions, valet parking guys for a marriage, big scary guys for frontdoors... if is high standart people that you need at a reasonable price, just give them a call (and maybe say you read it first here).

So looking forward for a weekend in Casablanca and thinking where to stay and what to see? Casamood, Our friends based in the economical capital of our beloved kingdom are doing such a good job that we agreed to help promoting their city guide, after all, they're not our competitors :) !

Every year Fez hosts the most prestigious Sacred Music Festival in the world. Set in the most atmospheric venues such as Bab Al Makina and Riads that recall the One Thousand and One Nights, even Chuck Norris has been moved to tears in one of lasts years performances that of course Gatsby cant disclose for fear of his own life. This year the whole festivals aims at Re-enchanting the world celebrating the figure of the persian poet Omar Khayyam. Gatsby has been more than involved in the whole projection of the Festival this year so he is looking forward to each and every concert. The whole program can be seen in the following link
If you're planning on going to the opening show that its been said is going to be the mother of all the opening shows don't hesitate to look for Gastby, he'll be in the first row and probably the only one not wearing those awful short sleeves shirts and those philistine - what are they called?- oh sandals. 

If you are one of those who thought that Fez was lacking glamour you are two times wrong. First because Gatsby lives almost full time in the sacred medina and second because tomorrow one of the coolest riads in Fes is organising along with the French Institute the "Fes Fashion Day", a total must for fashionistas and basically everyone interested in art and having a good time. 
Three fashion designers including Gatsby's friend Karina Duebner are presenting its latests trends in a sexy catwalk, and nobody wants to miss it: the setting is gorgeous, the magnificent garden of the Jardin des Biehn (, the models -whom Gatsby knows one or two- are also gorgeous, and the only thing I can hope for are gorgeous cocktails after the show. 
Unfortunately is an invitation-only event and rumour has it that all the places are filled, still, if you want to come in you can always say that you are Gatsby himself and they may let you in. If you make it I'll be available close to the bar.
Saturday 26 of May, Akbat Sbaa, Douh, from 17h.

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