Fes Festival of Sacred Music 2012

Every year Fez hosts the most prestigious Sacred Music Festival in the world. Set in the most atmospheric venues such as Bab Al Makina and Riads that recall the One Thousand and One Nights, even Chuck Norris has been moved to tears in one of lasts years performances that of course Gatsby cant disclose for fear of his own life. This year the whole festivals aims at Re-enchanting the world celebrating the figure of the persian poet Omar Khayyam. Gatsby has been more than involved in the whole projection of the Festival this year so he is looking forward to each and every concert. The whole program can be seen in the following link http://www.fesfestival.com/2012/fr/fes.php?id_rub=15&type=11
If you're planning on going to the opening show that its been said is going to be the mother of all the opening shows don't hesitate to look for Gastby, he'll be in the first row and probably the only one not wearing those awful short sleeves shirts and those philistine - what are they called?- oh sandals. 

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