Fez Nightlife

I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day. ~Frank Sinatra

The experienced traveller will note than even if less overwhelming then Marrakech, Fez Nightlife is experiencing a huge boast due to the large amount of well educated young moroccans that having finished their studies abroad decide to head back to Fez rather than Casablanca -its too crowded- or Marrakech - Yves Saint Laurent being dead why go there?-.

Do not expect to find Champagne fights nor showoff extasis lovers, the fassi hold aristocratic manners, and with the help of seriously glamourous expats a new party scene with a discreet charm is being built.

Here are the Hot Spots:

Le Palace at Hotel Jnane Palace

A club that could be anywhere in the world for its excellent design and good vibes, Le Palace makes everyone dance at the rythm of well known tubes and some good arabic music. Its open from midnight but we suggest going around one, get a table for more privacy and dance the night away, Fez is glittering.

The only thing we would change is forbidding the Dj announcing the birthdays...but a taki detail will not spoil the good memories.

La mezzanine

Although not a club for its opening hours, La Mezzanine is a favourite hung out place were the fashionable crowd of Fes shows its best shoes. Get a bottle, order some snacks and dance till they close around 2 on weekends. Safe enviroment pure fun.

SoireePrive @ Fezlounge.com

Without any other pretension than provide fun for friends, this newly opened Lounge organises extremely surprising parties once a month, usually the last Friday of every month, and is not afraid of mixing Hotel Costes with arab dancers, smoking shishas and the eventual george Michael song to cheer up the audience. The parties are meant to be private, but you can easily befriend the owner.

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