Fez Lounge Restaurant goes Youtube

Even in the traditional Fez (or Fes) Medina new technologies are finding their way in; first it was the TV satellite dishes you can find in every house, and now some hotels, restaurants and other business in Fez are taking advantage of internet and advertising our wonderfully secret city to promote business.
Our friends from Fez Lounge do it in Youtube with a cute video showing part of the city with a very nice soundtrack by Yann Tiersenn, so you can feel like Amelie, but in Fez.
Here is the link:

New flights to Fez (2)

In its policy to become again the great city once was, with its unparalleled cultural sights, outstanding library containing precious manuscripts and plenty of medieval life in every corner, Fez is proud to announce two new direct flights operated by the most loved/hated airline in the world, Ryanair.

Düsseldorf to Fez is starting on November 4th with a frequency of three flights a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Düsseldorf is a very attractive economic centre reputed for its fashion and trade fairs, and of course beer.

and open your ears..

Madrid to Fez starting the same November 4th with four flights a week, namely Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday!!
Madrid needs no promotion for the discerned traveller. Capital of Spain and centre of the loca 'Movida' you are likely to party 24 hours a day, and go hangover to one of the best museums in the world, El Prado, where to meet old friends like Rembrandt, Van Dyke and of course Velazquez and Goya.

Congratulations to all the fortunate ones, Gatsby knows for sure about at least one from Madrid that will fly in the very first plane...

So here is the updated list of all the destinations linked to Fez so far:
  • Alicante
  • Barcelona (ok, is actually Girona)
  • Brussels
  • Düsseldorf
  • Francfort-hahn
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Marseille
  • Milano (Bergamo)
  • Paris
  • Sevilla

Bou Inania Medersa

The Bou Inania Medersa
closed on fri. open: 10am to 5pm 10dhs
The largest and most beautiful monument from the Merinides period (14th century) in Fez.
Have a look inside

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