New flights to Fez (6): Rome and Cologne

Again Gatsby comes back to you with a precious gift: the news that our fashionable Fez is one more time enlarging its selection of direct flights. Rome and Cologne are added to a growing list that includes already London, Paris, Barcelona (actually Girona), Madrid, Milano, and many others. The move is part of a plan issued by Gatsby's closest friends that foresees Fez as the new capital of the world, putting New York, Tokio and London to shame.
Ryanair, the favourite arline for people who travel without luggage, is responsable for the Rome Ciampino flight, that will start operating on November Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
The eternal city at reach of hand is a luxury that Gatsby plans to enjoy with moderation: the famous Gilda club -kind of an italian Studio 54- is like a black hole that sucks you in along with your money. But then there is La Fontana de Trevi, where if you're drunk enough you can try and pick up some coins to pay your last Martini. The Vatican with its Rafaello 'Stanze' is a total must along with the smelly Sistine Chapel. And one of the cutest museums in the world, the Villa Borghese, makes the perfect setting to declare eternal love to someone for a while.

Cologne will be connected to Fez thanks to Air Arabia, a low cost airline that looks better than some mainstream ones. Cologne, the fourth largest city in Germany and the one that gives name to the famous refreshing water everyone should use, is widely known for its Gothic cathedral, the tallest of the world. The city suffered a lot the bombings of the Second World War, but everything was reconstructed like only the Germans know how to do, while other buildings were contructed with some modern architectures, which contributes to make the city very much alive and attractive on the whole. Cologne is famous as well for its huge offer on Restaurants and Bars and nightlife, one that at least has not -yet- being perverted by Gatsby and his entourage.

Fez Ramadan 2010: Gatsby's Etiquette

As you may imagine, Gatsby is the evolution of Phileas Fogg and has lived and experienced several different countries always respecting and learning from their cultures and traditions: Spain, Italy, England, France, Russia; Gatsby holds an Honorific PhD from the 'University of Life'. Morocco and Fez could not be an exception; while some people think Ramadan is not a good time to visit Morocco, Gatsby says 'Bring 'em on!' Its a great time to be in contact with the most sacred part of the Muslim religion, a month where fasting during daytime is the highlight, but above all is a period of humility, self-sacrifice, and inner-discovery.
As a foreigner, you can see it as a pintoresque picture, or, as Lawrence Sterne would approve of, you can approach it as a sentimental traveller, try to experience their beliefs and who knows, you may end up learning something about yourself.
In any case, Respect is always the gentleman's most important 'Virtú', and during the Holy month of Ramadan you will now eat nor drink in public spaces; in the Fez Medina specially you will dress properly and the girls will keep their sexy outfits for when roller-skating in L.A.
You will also tip more generously than usual and will practice charitable giving in the measure of your possibilities. Then and only then the veil that covers magically Fez will dissapear to show you part of its mistery. Ramadan Mabrouk.

The Fez Monopoly

Gatsby, the master of all games and one of the best references when speaking of having fun, is offering you the printable version of the one and only Fez Monopoly, to fully enjoy with your moroccan and expatriate friends alike.
Inspired by the real life transactions that have been taking place in the Fez Medina for quite a long time, pumping up the prices and making it one of the most sought-after investment places in Morocco, this new Monopoly offers you the possibility of finally buy that property you always dreamed of...and finally was impossible to buy due to the 2.000 heirs involved in the process.
The Monopoly of Fez is played with dollars because is simply the most loved currency all over the world, and Fes has buyers from all over the world. Most of the rules stay the same as in the classic game, except fo the 'Go to Jail' card: in here you have the option of bribing the police. Of course when you own all the properties of the same colour you can start building a house; it will take you another 25 rounds to finish your house, but when you do it, after three houses you can have finally a Riad. The worst Chance card is 'The Wilaya asks you to build a second staircase and a fire exit in all your houses', but dont worry, if you're lucky enough you may have the best Community Chest card: 'The Pacha is your friend, use this card for pretty much anything'.

New Flights to Fez (5)

The sexy residents of our beloved city of Fes and the people willing to visit the most extraordinary Medina in the world are getting lucky again.
Ryanair, the only airline capable of selling lottery in the skies and pretend that the profits go to charities, has announced two new connections to the Fes-Saiss airport.
Starting on November 2 FEZ- PARIS (BEAUVAIS), on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Starting on November 5 FEZ- BOLOGNA, on Mondays and Fridays.
Fes is already connected with Paris through Jet4you, Royal Air Maroc and Transavia, but we hope this Ryanair route will challenge the competitors prices.
Bologna will be a complete novelty for Fez, and the third italian destination following Milano (Bergamo) and Pisa. Gatsby is no stranger to Bologna and all its beautiful surroundings, furthermore, his family owns a lovely Hotel close to the gorgeous city of Mantova,
Ravenna is another jewel close by and is not to be missed, Oscar Wilde loved it and wrote one of his best poems in its honour. Parma, Modena and Ferrara are also worth a visit. Bologna itself is a city full of energy, with one of the oldest universities of the world and is packed with inexpensive trattorie where casual food turns into a god's delight.
And remember, you saw it first in Fez Guide.

Carrefour and Virgin Megastore in Fez

As anyone living this side of Tanger knows, the spiritual capital Fes is a city on the move; lots of projects including total rehabilitation of the Medina, a new train station that has already been opened, enlarging the airport times 4, a new bunch of luxury hotels and... a Carrefour and a Virgin Megastore. The project is already under works and will be conveniently located in between the medina and the new town, inside the future Al Mazar Mall. The last april the first Al Mazar Mall opened in Marrakech, the only moroccan city where the taxis are as expensive as London and people is happy to rip you off with a smile, and proved to be a complete success. The first day more than people visited the mall, 40.000 of those going straight to Carrefour. Although smaller in size -still around 70.000 sq m so don't worry-, boutiques, restaurants, green zones, and pretty much the same concept will see the light in Fez at some point during 2011. Below you've got some pics of the newly opened Al Mazar in Marrakech, as you can see, is looking sexy.

Ten Things to Do Before you Die

The Dalai Lama once said to Gatsby:

"If you desire Happiness, you should seek the causes that give rise to it, and repeat them, and if you don't desire suffering, then what you should do is to ensure that the causes and conditions that give rise to it no longer arise"

You see, it's simple.
Here we have compiled a list that will put you in the right path. And you can practice (almost) them all in Fez.

1. Go on an adventurous vacation by yourself. You'll learn about yourself.
2. Fall passionately in love. Emotional safety is no good.
3. Visit the Fes medina with a lover. Whether it lasts or not, you'll always remember.
4. Ride in a Hot air balloon. Don't jump up and down.
5. Camp out in the Desert, maybe in Merzouga. Escape from civilization and clarity will come.
6. Spend a week in a rented Riad. Enjoy sheer indulgence.
7. Throw yourself a spectacular birthday party. Doesn't have to be expensive, just grand.
8. Assemble a photo album of your life, and not in Facebook. You will see that your life has a story.
9. Have a portrait of yourself done. Everyone should be immortalized for posterity.
10. Let go of the past. It's there to remember, not to cling to.

First Sex-Shop to Open in Fez?

Well, unfortunately the answer is: not yet. It has not been progressive Morocco but the tiny Kingdom of Bahrain that has opened the first Sex-Shop in a Muslim country. Furthermore, the proud owner is a practising muslim woman, Dar Khadija, and declares: 'Nothing in Islam forbids sexual pleasure. Ask that question to any devout Muslim and he will not tell you otherwise', and she insist that 'The feedback from the clientele has been good. One of my customers told me that I saved his marriage, just as he was about to get divorced'. The shop has had an incredible success, and even neighbours from strict Saudi Arabia drive happily about 20 miles to go there and purchase some items to enjoy back home in its (in)famous not so-muslim indoor parties. Sexy underwear, stimulant jelly, dildos, adult board games and much more is on sell to spice up the life of a married couple. Gatsby, who has seen in all in this life and even partly in the next one is very happy with the initiative, and he has no doubts something similar would be more than welcomed in Morocco, where women take legendary care of themselves and their men and rank amongst the first buyers of luxury underwear in the world.

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