Fez Ramadan 2010: Gatsby's Etiquette

As you may imagine, Gatsby is the evolution of Phileas Fogg and has lived and experienced several different countries always respecting and learning from their cultures and traditions: Spain, Italy, England, France, Russia; Gatsby holds an Honorific PhD from the 'University of Life'. Morocco and Fez could not be an exception; while some people think Ramadan is not a good time to visit Morocco, Gatsby says 'Bring 'em on!' Its a great time to be in contact with the most sacred part of the Muslim religion, a month where fasting during daytime is the highlight, but above all is a period of humility, self-sacrifice, and inner-discovery.
As a foreigner, you can see it as a pintoresque picture, or, as Lawrence Sterne would approve of, you can approach it as a sentimental traveller, try to experience their beliefs and who knows, you may end up learning something about yourself.
In any case, Respect is always the gentleman's most important 'Virtú', and during the Holy month of Ramadan you will now eat nor drink in public spaces; in the Fez Medina specially you will dress properly and the girls will keep their sexy outfits for when roller-skating in L.A.
You will also tip more generously than usual and will practice charitable giving in the measure of your possibilities. Then and only then the veil that covers magically Fez will dissapear to show you part of its mistery. Ramadan Mabrouk.

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