Carrefour and Virgin Megastore in Fez

As anyone living this side of Tanger knows, the spiritual capital Fes is a city on the move; lots of projects including total rehabilitation of the Medina, a new train station that has already been opened, enlarging the airport times 4, a new bunch of luxury hotels and... a Carrefour and a Virgin Megastore. The project is already under works and will be conveniently located in between the medina and the new town, inside the future Al Mazar Mall. The last april the first Al Mazar Mall opened in Marrakech, the only moroccan city where the taxis are as expensive as London and people is happy to rip you off with a smile, and proved to be a complete success. The first day more than people visited the mall, 40.000 of those going straight to Carrefour. Although smaller in size -still around 70.000 sq m so don't worry-, boutiques, restaurants, green zones, and pretty much the same concept will see the light in Fez at some point during 2011. Below you've got some pics of the newly opened Al Mazar in Marrakech, as you can see, is looking sexy.

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