Hotesses Accueil et Personnel Evenements au Maroc BEST AGENCE

Are you organising an important event and you dont want to leave anything to chance? We might just have the contact you need. Best Agence, a relatively new 'Agence de evenements' in Morocco have their main agency in Casablanca, but they happen to have an impressive selection of high quality personnel in every important city in Morocco: Casablanca, Marrakech, Tanger, Rabat...including of course our beloved Fez. The directors have an international background and work with high standarts of quality, and have already helped the International Fes Festival of Sacred Music, and prestigious venues like our favourite Italian Restaurant L'Italien, the always in fashion La Mezzanine and also cute-deep-in-the-medina Fez Lounge. Models for catwalks and shootings, hostesses for exhibitions or commercial promotions, valet parking guys for a marriage, big scary guys for frontdoors... if is high standart people that you need at a reasonable price, just give them a call (and maybe say you read it first here).

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