Book for Fez: Paul Bowles 'The Spider's House'

For the discerned traveller, there is nothing like organising the luggage for a dream destination. Gastby likes to use new socks in every trip, is his thing, amongst a lot more that may make him a maniac. One of the most important objects that you should take for an adventure is a good book, but not any book, a book that goes with the weather and the soul of the place.
For Fez it has never been easier, in 'The Spider's House' the French and their hated rule and maintenance of a false monarch on the throne, the pitiless Iztiqulal, the Islamic heritage of the true believers, and the narrow streets of Fez are the background for the story of young Amar, who has the gift of the baraka, and the point at which his life touches on those of John Stenham, an American writer, and Lee Veyron, also American and restlessly seeking she knows not what.
When violence erupts, they flee with Amar on a pilgrimage to a local celebration and escape the city's violence.
Pau Bowles (December 30, 1910 – November 18, 1999) lived in Morocco for the second half of his lifetime, and loved it, but had as well the critical eye to describe things in a way that today would be hardly described as politically correct. He wrote as well several articles about Fez and other moroccan cities, and remains one of the few writers that could see through topics and describe things the way Gatsby likes his steaks, raw.
So don't think twice if you're looking for a book to take you even further on your holidays, that's the perfect one.

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