PAUL to be opened in Fez

Paul, the leading worldwide bakery is soon to be opened in the great city of Fes, in the new part of the town at the end of Ben Abdellah avenue, just in front of that crazy round fountain that apparently the japanese built under commission. 
Paul makes the most delicious breads, cakes and world famous macarons, on top of that is also a good restaurant and works already like the place to be in other cities in Morocco like Rabat and specially Casablanca, where you have to be seen if you are someone, or at least trying to be.
Gatsby's friends are in the origin of this most welcomed project, so for now the Villa that is going to host it has been purchased, and it will be soon demolished to build a brand new construction; there will be a nice terrace and many comfortable sitting areas. Old time favourite La Villa Boulangerie exploded with rage when they saw the prime location Paul got for himself and its trying to rebuild itself on time to start a fierce competition that will only be too good for Fes.
Gatsby will keep you posted.

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