Royal Golf de Fes

Fes is a big city and has a lot to offer to either its lucky residents or its occasional visitors.
One of Gatsby's favourites pastimes is going to play some golf at the Royal Golf Club of Fes. Not that Gatsby has much to show off in that particular game, but as a gentleman he has to practise every kind of sport. The Royal Golf of Fes is a pleasure for the senses, designed by renamed architecte Cabell B. Robinson, it has 18 holes packed with lakes, olive trees, and multiple family flowers.
Strolling along its extremely well manicured fields makes the perfect demi-journée; temperature is always kind up there -the Golf is located 10 kilometers out of Fez, at the foot of the Atlas mountains-, and you can find all sorts of interesting people: local businessmen, funky expatriates, some politicians, tourists practising their swing, and even world top players.

You can either become a member and pay an annual fee or you can just pay by de day;
the 18 holes cost approx 550 dh, and the caddy around 100 dh.

Their website does not seem to work.

Is better if you phone them in advance:
Tel : 00 212 (0) 5 35 66 52 10/12 – 00 212 (0) 5 35 66 50 66

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