Best Places for Secret Dating in Fez

As one of the best regarded members of the Fez 'intelligentzia', Gatsby faces several requests a day about what to do in the Medina, where to eat, how much does it cost this or that, etc etc. During the last months people seem to be thinking of only one thing, and couples and wannabe lovers have been asking the same question again and again: Where can we go for a secret date?
Luckily Gatsby has been working hard so you can really succeed in conquering her/his heart away from the public eye.

Swimming Pool in Riad Alkantara
Spend a few hours in the gorgeous swimming pool surrounded by beautiful gardens. Drink sangria, talk about life and play cheeky underwater games like the ones you played when you were 14.

Bar of the Hotel Batha
In this old fashioned retreat you will hardly find anyone known -or anyone at all-, but the place makes a good setting for long beer chats and love declarations. Most of the time not even a waiter is there.

Fes et Gestes
Not that secret on the outside, you can still have some privacy on the inner rooms and pretend you're a big Proust fan in the good library: 'I swear, the first 825 pages of In Search of Lost Time always make me cry...'

Backroom at Fez Lounge
Perfect to hide in the Medina, plus you get a leather bed to relax with your drinks or dinner. You could even start some action here, and no one would know.

Mount Zalagh
Looking for somethig casual-chic? Take her/him on a picnic to the Zalagh Mountain and enjoy a privileged view of the Medina of Fez. Bring foie-gras, smoked salmon, caviar and a bottle of Bollinger '69. Doesn't get more Bond than that.

Mezzanine's First Floor
Not as exposed as the terrace, the first floor provides you with the right space for a secret lunch or dinner hidden from the fashionnable crowd upstairs, specially if you face the windows in the left table.

Yuba Spa
Already more than friends? Surprise him/her with a private room for two including the Hammam ritual and massage in a very Emmanuelle-like environment. 400 dirhmas aprox each and the whole treatment lasts about 2 hours.

Zen Garden's Upper Floor
Ask to have dinner in the upper floor of this well known restaurant, and no-one will know you even were there...except the owners, who know pretty much everyone in Fez and really like to gossip.

Relais de Paris...Meknes
Sure, Gatsby is cheating again, this is not Fez; but jump into your car and play some Julio Iglesias music for the road. Its just one hour away from Fez and your privacy is guaranteed like its secret sauce in this good french bistrot.
46, rue Oqba - Ibn Nafia - Meknès
tel. +212665186818

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