Weekend Away: Fez to the North of Morocco

As you may very well guess Gatsby's friends rank from the lowest scum of society to the highest possible classes, including some retired celebrities, photographers, actresses, models and even some just very nice people. Were exactly those last ones that made me discover the north of Morocco more than two years ago. Fez can get very hot in summer, and from time to time you need some days in the beach like you would do elsewhere in the world.
But where do moroccans go? I was asking myself. It's very simple: they just follow the King, after all if he is the King he must know better. And he does. He spends the Summer in a palace close to Cabo Negro, between Ceuta and Tetouan. He practises some jet-ski, sails in his magnificent boat and eats from the same cook that runs our favourite restaurant up there: 'Les Vitamines de la Mer', in Martil.
From Fes it takes about 4 hours by car, and there is really not other way of going, unless you take a horrible bus and then a taxi in tetouan, which Gatsby is not doing again. But the trip is totally worht it: nice beaches, good food, sangria when sunbathing, some nightscene, kind weather, and every known head from the Fez, Casablanca and Rabat 'elites'.
If you go, try to stay in Marina Smir or Kabila, where charming villas and apartments are surrounded by green beauty, and if no one of your friends invites you to their house you can always go to the nice Barcelo Smir Hotel or to the Kabila Hotel, or simply change friends.

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