Fez is Cool

For some days Fez was turned into a fashion capital when Hunter & Gatti and its army of models, art directors and photographers landed in Fez to turn into a reality an special catalogue from spanish brand Mala Mujer.
Searching for the best insiders in Fez they fell into the hands of your beloved Gatsby, and he made sure they got the job done in the best possible locations and with the help of the authorities, that love all that sounds bling-bling (read money-money). But of course there were after parties in Riad Fes, lunches in Fez Lounge, and a visit around the medina that fascinates everyone. The most difficult part of it? Well you try to persuade a fassi pension owner that you need a room not to sleep but just to shoot a girl in lingerie...luckily sometimes Gatsby is able to perform Jedi tricks.

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