Imminent Threat to Morocco

Informers from different sources that would put the Mossad to shame have told Gatsby that this man is about to land in Fez and establish his headquarters in our holy city for an indefinite period.
This man is extremely dangerous. We repeat: this man is extremely dangerous.
If you see him contact immediately the Fez Guide redaction or call our special emergency line, and DO NOT TRY to approach him.
He speaks different languages without accent, is a master in camouflage and has repeatedly eluded the police for the last 31 years. His criminal CV is highly regarded in the London and Madrid underworld and includes: serial womanising, pretending to be a psychologist to treat anorexic models, traffic of chorizo, lomo, ham and other pork derivades, and stepping into taxis in Fez carrying alcohol bottles.
May God be with us.

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