Our pick, Dar Attajalli

'The city was getting nearer, and at the same time it loomed up within my own mind, rising out of the darkness of memory.
A geode of amethyst, brimful of thousands of tightly packed crystals and surrounded by a silver-green rim: this was Fez, the Old City of Fez, in the twilight.'
(Titus Burckhart – Fez)
If you decide to come to Fez and discover why a lot of people fall in love with this magical city, make sure you treat yourself to a nice lodging. Gatsby is an experienced traveller, has slept in a lot of beds and knows a lot of houses. But even in Fez, with its many wonderful riads and lovely restored houses Gatsby has found one that specially suits his mood and its willing to recommend to other discerned travellers.
Dar Attajalli stands out for the beauty of its walls, yes, but specially for the soul that breathes in the entire house and invites you to relax while whispering uncovered secrets of other times and cultures. Not little of that soul comes from the propietor and host, Kleo, that will make sure everything runs smooth around you. Relax in the patio listening the deep sounds of the monumental fountain, lounge in the terrace watching the sun go down, stay in your suite with one book from the well stocked library, here there is only one rule, follow your bliss. And Gatsby knows one thing or two about that.

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