Restaurant Les Truites, Immouzer

Opened before most of us were born, Les Truites is the perfect refuge restaurant in the skirts of the forgotten Imouzzer. In there everything is old school: the decoration -including the old Martini posters-, the curtains, the efficient heaters, the fireplace. The waiters are also part of the furniture with about 300 years of experience, and the nicest this side of Morocco.
Les Truites makes a perfect stop for lunch on a lazy Sunday before heading for Ifrane, or on the way back from the Cedar forest where everyone likes to feed the monkeys.
On the menu delicious 'escargot a la bourgogne' (snails with parsley and butter), wild trout, wild rabbit, txuctxuca, and other regional delicacies, all washed down with the obligated wine Guerrouane Rouge. Don´t forget to reserve the apple cake as soon as you sit down and keep place like Gatsby does for an extra portion... You'll have the best nap on your way back to Fez...

Hôtel Restaurant
Les Truites

Avenue Mohammed V
Imouzzer du Kandar
Tel+212 (0) 35 66 30 02

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