Ten Things Not To Do in Fez

(and what to do instead)

1-Do Not Stay in a Hotel in the new town.
*Stay instead in one of many wonderfully restored Riads in the Medina. http://www.attajalli.com/ is one of our favourites.
2-Do not take an oficial guide to visit the Medina. They for sure will explain interesting things, but they will push you to buy in his friend’s shops –where they take about 40 % comission- and eat in the touristy venues -where they take as well 40 % comission-
*Buy yourself a good guide such as Lonely Planet ‘Fez Encounters’, follow some advice, and get lost in its maze of tiny streets. Its completely safe.

3-Do not take pictures of people or shops without asking. They will think you are rude and that you are stealing something from them.
*Instead ask them permission and include them in the photo, you may end with an invitation for a real moroccan lunch in its home.

4-Do not accept their first price when buying goods.
*If you want to earn some respect bargain about one third less of the starting price, more if you know what are you buying. And please dont waste one hour for 1 euro reduction in that silly bracelet.

5-Do not eat at the usual Bab Boujelloud tourist restaurant (if you do dont look at the kitchen).
*Try unexplored new places like the delightful http://www.fes-et-gestes.ma/ , or the centrical http://www.fezlounge.com/

6-Do not buy the usual chilaba, they’re made in china anyway.
*buy a nice pair of soft leather babouches, to wear nonchalantly with jeans the way Gatsby does.

7-Do not take a bus even if you are curious ora an enviromentalist. They're overcrowded and the emissions paralel the Chernobyl disaster.
*Take a Petit Taxi and sit in the front seat like the locals, adding ‘lakhlik’ (which means please) to whatever destination you may go.

8-Do not have a drink in a hotel bar. Dont be fooled, those are for shabby moroccan characters in search of alcohol.
*Head to trendy Mezzanine ( http://www.restaurantfez.com/) with its cool DJ or underground Fez Lounge for a relaxing time.

9-Do not underestimate local wines or beer
*Try Domaine de Sahari rouge, or the incrediby good value Guerrouane in all varieties. And Casablanca beer is a must.

10-Do not use your cell phone, even to recieve calls, the communications between Morocco and Europe are VERY expensive.
*Buy instead a Maroc Telecom phone card dor 50 dh (5 euros) that will assure you about 25 minutes of blablabla to explain your latest funny situation.

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