The smell of Margherita

No it is not last Gatsby's conquest, Margherita is just a kind of pizza, the most virgin of them all we may say, and one of Gatsby's favourites. Soon to be opened the only truly italian restaurant in Fez has already a name and its very simple: "L'italian"; the architecture is not pretencious yet very careful with the design and cozyness of the whole place: real wood oven, light colors, interior garden, superb terrace... Gatsby has seen the works and we may say its almost ready, and will be opening its doors in a month time according to the young and excited owners. The chef is already operational and its trying new dishes everyday, one amatriciana here, one porcini mushrooms lasagna there, some risotto and little by little the menu is coming along. Gatsby had the honour of attending some degustations and everything was in tune with its legendary italian palate: the chef was approved.

The restaurant will be situated in the Champs de Course area, not far from already famous Zen Garden restaurant and the (in)famous chinese Wong.

We welcome this addition without forgetting that many other restaurants are opening soon and Gatsby will give you all the infos in the near time...

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