Mango Opens in Fes

'If you build it, they will come'.
Ok, maybe this is not a big deal for you my dear window shopper stranger, but when you live in a medieval town like Fes surrounded by djellabas and fake Armani T-shirts, and like Tesco would say: 'Every little helps'. The new Mango shop is of course not in the Medina, but rather in the new town behind the police headquarters, in an area quite lively where you can find Cafe Eight and one Web Help Center with plenty of potencial customers. Its specially good news for all of those women that after riding a donkey all day long experience the need of doing some retail therapy to feel in touch with our globalised world. The new Mango shop does not have the mens collection but that only means that Gatsby will still have an excuse to go abroad and have a look at Harvey Nichols in London from time to time.

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