Gatsby's View on Fez Situation

God Knows that there are only a few things that Gatsby takes seriously, and one of them is the right to have fun and enjoy freely this lovely city called Fes.

After all the Arab Revolutions and specially after the tragic incident of Cafe Argana in Marrakech a lot of tourists experienced a deep lack of confidence in Morocco that lead to cancelations and the general feeling that one should go somewhere else. Lots of people emailed Gatsby personally to have an insider's point of view, and the answer was always the same: the situation is completely calm and safe in every possible way: the cafes are burstling with life and flooding orange juice and mint tea, the souks are filled with olives, dates and sticky almond and honey desserts, the kid in the streets still wants to show you the tanneries, the man with the moustache stills tells you about his cousin in Italy...and Gatsby himself keeps drinking a Gintonic before having dinner in Maison Blanche or L'italien; in other words: business as usual.

So this is just a message for all that people that really wanted to come to this country but were packing to actually go somewhere else: Come to Morocco, you'll fall in love.

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