Ramadan 2011 in Fez

Today has been declared the first day of Ramadan. As most of you know this is the sacred time of the year when eating, drinking and some other pleasures are avoided during the day in order to meet them when the sun goes down in a daily party that lasts the whole night.

Needless to say, Gatsby loves Ramadan. Because Ramadan is a time for friends and family, and the doors are always open and everyone welcomes a visitor at F'tour time. And later is time to go for a stroll and take a coffee, maybe play cards, or ping-pong, whatever you like but always with the best company.

For the tourists is really an interesting time to see, and because everything runs as usual in the medina, there is no problem whatsoever. The restaurants remain open (opening times may differ a bit) and the most delicious desserts and pastillas are everywhere on exhibition.

Moroccan are very tolerant and they understand foreigners dont do Ramadan, but will appreciate if you dont eat or drink in their faces. Be a gentleman like Gatsby and you'll really have a good time. Ramadan Kareem.

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