New Flights to Fez (3): Pisa/Florence

The unstoppable promotion of our beloved city of Fez continues. After the successful campaign 'Smile you're in Fez' -that you can find all around the city- was translated into italian thanks to Alessandro from Fez Lounge, Ryanair, the company that you hate in public but you continue to check online in private, has announced a new direct flight Fez-Pisa starting as soon as April. The flight will operate twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, and will actually be arriving to the Florence airport, which is much better.
So if you are italian and you have not been to Fez you have a golden opportunity to come and discover one of the oldest medinas in the world, and by far the most charming. In Fez they truly love italians and you can often hear some music hits from the 80's including the favourite 'Lasciatemi cantare'(l'Italiano) by Toto Cutugno.
And if you live in Fez and, like Gatsby, you enjoy the finer things of life, you should take a long weekend and go and pay your respects to the Renaissance artist Masaccio and his 'Holy Trinity' in Santa Maria Novella, Florence. And after, only after, enjoy a good fettuccine with funghi porcini and a classic prosciutto pizza.

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