New flights to Fez (4): London to Fez

Our prayers have been answered. After months and months without a direct connection between London and Fez, Ryanair is to start a new route from London Stanstead to Fez-Saiss. The flight is expected to bring hundreds of englishman hungry for sun and the exceptional value that the real state market still offers in comparison with other cities like Marrakech. The english have always been keen on orientalism, as can be seen in plenty of masterpieces hanging in the Tate British Museum, and were amongst the first in setting their eyes in the precious medina of Fez, contributing to make it a destination for the well educated crowds in search of purity, history, architectonical jewels and exquisite gastronomy. Later on they were put off the game with the sudden stop of direct flights, having to take alternative routes in journeys that Gatsby has listened too many times and sound rather like the Odyssey instead of a vacation.
The flight will start early on May and will operate three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, making it very easy to spend a long weekend.

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