Be adventurous: Street Food

Street food is food obtainable from a streetside vendor, often from a makeshift or portable stall. While some street foods are regional, many are not, having spread beyond their region of origin. Food and green groceries are available on the street for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant meal and a supermarket. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, 2.5 billion people eat street food every day; In Fez, the local habit for any worker is to have some harira followed by a sandwich or similar standing up or in cubicles no bigger than 3 square metres. It can be a very cozy.
Concerns of cleanliness and freshness often discourage tourists from eating street food. Lack of refrigeration is often construed as a lack of cleanliness or hygiene; on the other hand, street food often uses particularly fresh ingredients for this very reason.

These are our all time winners:

  • Deep fried Doughnouts, in Batha or just inside Bab Boujoloud.

  • Sandwiches from the Tala Kbira market, really tasty

  • Msemen with honey, or cheese, or jam

  • Harira soup stand, just about everywhere

  • Nougat vendor, nice to take back home as a gift to grandma, near Quaraouyine.

  • Snail stand, being the most famous the one in Derb alHorra

  • Giant almond macaron vendor, with a tray in its head walks both Tala's all day long

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