Fez Restaurants, Fez Lounge

Fez Lounge (or F Lounge) Restaurant-Tapas

Deep in the Tala Kbira where most interesting souks and mosques are to be found, in the so called golden triangle, you will find this cozy eclectic venue mix of ultracontemporary and arab harem where you can have a good lunch with moroccan and italian inspiration and drink leaving the bustle behind; on the menu: Cous-cous, tajines, pastilla, briouates filled with cheese, bruschettas, excellent chocolate brownie, homemade cakes... and end up lying on a bed smoking Shisha.
And now they propose a 2 course meal (main course+dessert) at 90 dirhams or 140 dirhams (moroccan salads+main course+dessert & mint tea), or a Moroccan Feast for 150dh each (minimum 2 people) to try pretty much everything in the menu! Incredibly good value for Fez.

95, Zkak Rouah Tala Kbira 0535 63 30 97

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