World Sacred Music Festival

Festival des musiques sacrées du Monde

The top sacred music artists from Middle Eastern and Western religious communities gather in Fez for a week of concerts, lectures, exhibitions, and intellectual and artistic exchanges. Performances have included the Sufi Whirling Dervishes of Turkey, Berber trance music, Arab-Andalusian music, Hindustani chants, Celtic sacred music, Christian Gospel, flamenco, and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Morocco. These musicians, young and old, are a part of a groundbreaking effort to bridge huge cultural differences through musical expression.Styles of spiritual music at the Fez Festival vary from transcendent to trance-inducing. Music can claim to hold curative properties, convey religious teachings, praise God, or channel the spirit of the deities. Some music traditions are centuries old, while others are relatively new; some are serious, and others joyful. But despite the vast differences between the cultures, everyone at the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music has come for one reason: to share the way that music allows them to commune with their higher power.

The festival opens early June and tickets can be booked on advanced, and is advised to book the hotel at least a month in advance.

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