The Infamous Itineraries, I

If you are proud of being one of a kind, dislike being a tourist and refuse to follow others in the usual discovery of Fez, then we have got something to suggest you. These are our Infamous Tours:


  1. Batha Square, try one deep fried Doughnout

  2. Walk towards Bab Boujeloud, the "Blue Gate"

  3. Stop at Cafeclock in the Tala Kbira for a tea or coffee

  4. Have a quick glance at the Water Clock. No one knows how it worked.

  5. Stop in the Medersa to learn something.

  6. Do some shopping in style at Made in Medina. Great leather accesories.

  7. Along the Tala Kbira you ll find the best rugs you can possibly dream of. Bargain the price.

  8. Stop for Lunch and Shisha afternoon at Try the hot Brownie.

  9. Visit the Henna Souk for beauty queen products such as natural eye liner.

  10. Visit the Nejjarine Complex.

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