Places for Dinner

Dinner is the important meal in the daily or another cycle of meals, typically requiring more formal culinary arrangements, table trappings, and etiquette, and probably more abundant foods and drinks.

Vestiges of the English class system remain in the choice of word one uses for the evening meal - a person with upper-class antecedents might use neither "dinner" nor "tea" but, confusingly, "supper." "Supper" traditionally meant a late night meal following a gathering. A ball or party that lasted into the early hours of the morning would often be followed by a "supper," and some people in the North use the word 'supper' to refer to a hot, often milky, drink such as cocoa or hot chocolate and biscuits, taken immediately before retiring for the night.

Zen Garden

Not far from Champ de Course district you will find this stylish villa converted in a lively restaurant. The choice is ample, mixing italian, french and asian specialities. Try the homemade black squid ink pasta with an excellent local wine such as Domaine de Sahari Reserve, or the incredibly filling Nem a la viande. Sometimes they organise special Soirees with live moroccan music than can end up with everyone dancing like crazy.

Le Majestic

Inside the Henri Laconte Tennis Academy. Set quite far from the centre of the city, Le Majestic offers an impressive but quite pricey list of wines and a mix of european-french cooking with stress in some interesting fish proposals depending on the day. The menu is short and compact and can result in some boriness after a while; yet the meat is excellent and a carpaccio is as fresh as it gets.

La Mezzanine

A favourite amongst the young and trendy crowd of the city, La Mezzanine is just a slice of the modern cool world in Fez, were you can sip good cocktails, a mix of moroccan en european tapas, and end up dancing in the moonlight in its cozy terrace...
Address: just opposite the main gate of Jnan Sbil Gardens. Everyone will know.


If it sounds chinese, it may be chinese. That's right Wong is a panasian restaurant with the longest menu ever inlcuding every single asian way of cooking chicken, beef, duck and fish. Even if we doubt that a chinese has ever set foot there the flavours are quite right and it makes a very welcome alternative to the usual couscous. Its extremely good value and do serve alcohol.
Address:Lot. Kenza, champs de courses. Tel.035 65 27 60

L'Ambra at Riad Fes

Considering this is probably the best Riad in Fez the restaurant couldnt be disappointing. Tipical fassi cooking in an extremely beautifull and intimate frame, apt for royals, top singers -Bono from U2 dined here-, and luxury lovers in general. Try one of those: Spiced lamb tossed in a unique onion jam; pastilla filled with fish and seafood; or simply the couscous with seven vegetables and lamb.


There are no real italian restaurants in Fes yet,you know the one with the owner sitting around all day long wearing braces to hold his pants, perennial tan and plenty of friends speaking loud piamontese; but this italian makes good pasta and not too bad pizzas and provides a good meeting point for youngsters and families looking for a friendly atmosphere alcohol.
9, rue abi hayane taouhidi Bd.F.A.R(face hotel tghat)
tel. 035930747

Fez Lounge

Last but not least, here you can have a nice dinner in a cozy enviroment lit by canddles. On the menu some moroccan dishes and a selection of european tapas. Chill music on the line and a crowd of expatriates and selected tourist that "know". Around 15 euros. Off Tala Kbira, on Zkak Rouah, 95.

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