Some History First

Fez is the oldest city of Morocco. As with other Moroccan cities it consists of two parts; the Medina and the Ville Nouvelle. Fez differs from other cities by its divided Medina which include New Fez (Fes-el-Djedid) and old Fes (Fes-el-Bali). New Fez was build in the 14-th century so imagin how old Fes-el-Bali (old Fes) is. This city was founded in the 9th century by the first Muslim dynasty to rule Morocco, the Idrissids. Since then Fez has always played a pivotal role in the history of Morocco, right up to the revolt against the French.
Fez-el-Jadid is an outcome of the glorious times in 1248 during the conquest of Fes by the Merenids and therefore it reflects a massive royal city.

Most Fassis -the people of Fes- continue to live in in the Medina-city Fes-el-Bali instead of moving to the Ville Nouvelle; the modern urban and more European city.
Fez is no longer the capital of Morocco, and is not the biggest nor the most important town, but more than any other town it is immersed with the history of Morocco.
By now, most of the original Fassis who trace their heritage back to the time of the Andalusians have either moved to the Ville Nouvelle or to other cities like Casablanca and Rabat. The old medina is now crowded with rural-to-urban migrants and among the old families, very few still occupy their houses there.

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