The Famous Itineraries

Official guides can be booked in most hotels and riads. The average cost is 150 dhs for a half day and 250 dhs for a day, but you are in Morocco and everything can be negociated. Tips are not included in these rates, nor the rugs and pottery they will invite you to buy. Beware of false guides, even if we like some of them. The medina of Fez is too exceptional to be visited with a false guide, but use their advise, sometimes they do know the last cool place to have a drink or a shisha and if lost tip them 5 to 10 dhs.

Otherwise play Tourist, get a Medina Map or print the one we offer, and try one of those itineraries by yourself:

A. Bab Boujloud - Bab Guissa

  • Porte de Boujloud

  • Medersa Bou Inania

  • Axe Tala Kbira

  • Chrablyene

  • Place Nejjarine (Fondouk and Fontaine)

  • Mausolee Moulay Idriss

  • Seffarine

  • Tanneurs

  • Medersa Attarine

  • Quaraouyine Mosque

  • Souk Attarine

  • Achabine (Palais Jamai)

  • Bab Guissa

B. Palais Jamai - Bab Guissa

  • Tanneurs de Chouaras

  • Medersa Attarine

  • Quaraouyine

  • Seffarine Dinandiers

  • Teinturiers

  • Medersa Ras-Cherratine

  • Mausolee Moulay Idriss

  • Place Nejjarine

  • Attarine, Souk des Epices, Henna Souk

  • Sidi Ahmed Tijani

  • Bab Guissa

C. Bab Ftouh - R'Cif

  • Quartier des Potiers

  • Cooperative Zelligeurs

  • Medersa Sahrij

  • Mosquee nes Andalous

  • Quaraouyine

  • Place Nejjarine

  • Tanneus de Guerniz

  • Mausolee Moulay Idriss

  • Medersa Cherratine

  • R'Cif

D.Tour de Fes

Well, now, just in case you dont like walking or you are not too fit for it, we can suggest a Tour by car that any taxi will be happy to do.

  • Place des Alaouites (Porte Palais Jamai)

  • Bab Semmarine (Fes Jdid)

  • Bab Ftouh

  • Bab Guissa

  • Tombeaux des Merinides

  • Musee d'Armes Anciennes

  • Bab Makina (musiques sacrees)

  • Jardin Andalou Jnan Sbil

  • Batha museum

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