Fez Gastronomy

Moroccan cuisine is like the country: rich in flavours, smells and colours. It is known worldwide for its sweet and sour combinations and its use of spices: saffron, cumin and coriander. A Moroccan meal is an experience that appeals to the senses: sitting on benches around a round table, guests help themselves with their right hand from a single shared dish. It is a world of warmth, textures and dexterity combined with tastes and aromas. Each region has its own specialities, traditions and sense of hospitality, and Fez is the undisputed capital. You will of course taste world famous dishes such as couscous, or rather couscous(es) in the plural, as there are so many depending on the season, region and cooks’ whims. You will savour the many variants of a subtle balance of spices, rich combinations of meat and vegetables. It is a dish offering infinite variety. The jewel in Moroccan cooking is the pastilla. It is fine flaky pastry, combined with chopped chicken, parsley, hard boiled egg, almonds and honey, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. A real explosion of the senses! You will find this art of flaky pastry in other dishes such as minced beef or chicken briouats. There are also soups like harira soup made with lentils and chickpeas. And you will be unable to resist the pleasures of tajine! This meat, poultry or fish stew, served with vegetables, fruit or olives, is cooked in a traditional covered terracotta pot, after which the dish is named. It’s peaked lid allows the ingredients to steam-cook, to delight your taste buds! You will also love Moroccan pastries, a by-word for the art of living: pancakes with honey and sesame seeds, cakes made with almonds or sultanas… You will be unable to resist these moments of pure pleasure, accompanied by mint tea, for a unique experience of well-being and conviviality.

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