Good Restaurants for Lunch in Fez

Luncheon, commonly abbreviated to lunch, is a midday meal.

Lunch was originally intended as a vehicle in which working classes could escape their job and purchase (and sometimes consume) alcoholic beverages, a favourite being pear cider.

Ladies whose husbands would eat at the club would be free to leave the house and have lunch with one another, though not in restaurants until the twentieth century. In the 1945 edition of Etiquette, Emily Post still referred to luncheon as "generally given by and for women, but it is not unusual, especially in summer places or in town on Saturday or Sunday, to include an equal number of men".

Fez is a virtual food festival and gourmet lovers will appreciate the large selection of restaurants to choose from. Restaurants in the médina range from fast food stands to gourmet dining rooms found in riads open to the public.

Restaurant Bouayad

Situated in the very entrance of the medina this place is comfortable and serve excellent fish tagine and fish brochette, the waiters are polite and the toilets are clean.

Restaurant Le Kasbah

Le Kasbah is hard to miss and there are waiters outside ready to pounce on any tourist who walks by. But don't let that or the fact that only tourists seem to eat here put you off. Nice roof terrace, but somehow poor service. Gatsby likes specially the 'brochette de poulet' with fries, but prefers to eat couscous somewhere else.

Restaurant Thamis

Thami is a nice old guy who has a street food restaurant at a corner of the Place Bou Jeloud just before Rue Talla Seghira begins. Food is good and cheap. Tagine kefta used to be very good. It only has two tables, so basically who sits first eats first.

Fez Lounge Restaurant

Enough has been said about our friends from the Fez Lounge, if you are around the attarine marked shopping it makes the perfect spot for a relaxing lunch, with good food, good vibes and good people.
Zkak Rouah 95 (corner with Tala Kbira)
tel. 0535 63 30 97

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