Get Lost in Fez

Fez is one of the most fascinating cities in the world; it is so diverse that each individual will find something or the other to do here. All you need to find is your area of interest and the only thing you should be open to is experimentation.
- Places to visit:There are countless places to visit in Fez, the intellectual capital of Morocco. From gardens to forts, museum to universities and mosque to medersa all are set beautifully in this enchanting city of Fez.
Below are just a few tourist places:- Ibn Danan Synagogue- Kairaouine Mosque and University- Nejjarine Museum- Zaouiya of Sidi Ahmed al-Tijani- Museum of Andalusian Music- Water Clock, part of the Bou Inania complex on Talaa Kibeera- Cherableeyeen Mosque- Royal Palace- Merenid Tombs- Hammams in Fez`
- Besides the above given places there are many sites around Fez which are of immense historical importance and you should see them all on your visit to Fez.- Tickle your taste buds and experience the exotic cuisine, or simply learn how to cook the sumptuous Moroccan dishes.- Learn the Moroccan language and study the standard Arabic.- You can also visit the tanneries of Fez, or the place where beautiful pottery is created. - Maneuver through the streets of the Fez lost in the vibrant market place, absorbing all you can.- Shop till you drop through out the vacation and surely you will still find it less. - Discover new ingredients and new remedies to old ailments with Berber pharmacy in the Medina, the typical Moroccan therapy.- Loiter around the streets of Fez and immerse yourself in the aroma of the city.

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